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We have been putting your content on CD, DVD, Blu-ray and USB for years now, but did you know we can help you with your production as well?

Formats Unlimited has provided social media solutions and exceptional graphic designs for individuals, musicians, small businesses and the health care industry for more than forty years. As the demand for digital networking skyrockets, Formats has expanded its networking know-how into many cutting-edge platforms such as, Facebook, Web design, Instagram, podcasting and video streaming.  

One size does not fit all when it comes to social media. The digital marketplace is swamped with solicited, unsolicited and annoying messages on every conceivable platform, which makes it difficult for innovators to reach new, and established, clients. No one knows your talent or product better that you do, but without a first-class social media presence, your message won’t get traction.

Consultation, Planning & Production

Podcast Planning

Getting it Together

The Formats production team can help you create a topnotch social media presence including your own podcast for as little as $400. The Formats fee includes an initial consultation to evaluate your goals and your existing social media presence. The Formats team will then give you ideas to help create your podcast script. Then, once you are ready to start recording, Formats will provide a sound proof room for one hour with recording equipment and a Formats production engineer to guide you to the finish line. If you need more production time or you decide to make some changes at a later date, you will only be charges $100 per hour.