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Making CD  DVD & Blu-ray copies is our passion!

Formats Unlimited, Inc. is a service company based in Deer Park, New York which specializes in CD Duplication Services, USB Duplication copy services, DVD Replication Services, Data Archive Migration, Audio Ripping, DVD Manufacturing, Custom Printing, Packaging and Supplies.

Since 1978 Formats Unlimited, has serviced the corporate and music industry with cost saving solutions for the duplication, replication and printing of  CD, DVD, DVD-DL and Blu-ray discs. Formats saw a need for more sophisticated duplication equipment to meet their growing demands for formatted and duplicated disk copies.

This led Formats to design and develop a line of duplication and printing equipment. The in-house software engineering team at Formats Unlimited, Inc. developed the intellectual property for all DVD copier systems previously known as MediaFORM and will continue the development of MF Digital  branded products.

As the Demand for DVD and CD production has become more refined, and targets a Quick-Turn around market,  Formats responded by incorporating an in-house design team for artwork design and digital printing to compliment the disc manufacturing and duplication operation.

Conversion of audio CD’s  (ripping)  to a digital format and stored on removable Hard drives for home theaters is a rapidly growing business. We have the capacity to rip thousands of CD audio or DVD video. Our Data services, also known as Data migration, are also offered at our Deer Park, NY location. Client’s digital assets are stored in a secure area.

Medical Compliant CD and DVD software Duplication projects

For over 40 years Formats has manufactured software packages for Medical equipment manufacturers.  All aspects of the duplication process including printing accuracy and quality of both the disc and associated  documentation must be be held to the tightest tolerances mandated by the FDA. Cross verification, off-line testing, and quality assurance  documentation, are custom tailored according to each customers requirements.

Data archiving and migration

Formats Unlimited will take any data DVD, data CD or data BD* (Blu-ray)  and create a bit for bit copy of the discs file structure from the source disc itself, creating a local, network or cloud copy for use in archive or backup applications. We check it for integrity, provide detailed reporting and have an open, flexible third party interface so you can tie the entire process into your records access system.

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