Fulfillment and Distribution


  • Order Processing
  • Upgrades
  • Demo DVD / CD Mailings
  • Inventory Management and Warehousing
  • National and International Distribution
  • Worldwide Drop Shipments

Fulfillment – Distribution & Mailing

Formats will assist you with the planning and execution of your product release. Our designers will take your concept and assist with not only the process for manufacturing your product but also the packaging of  the product.

Documentation, manuals, booklets and sell sheets are conveniently printed in our in-house print shop.

Final assembly and packout are completed and moved to the warehouse where your cartons are labeled and barcoded.

Depending  on your shipping requirements Formats will distribute or mail your product, providing you with tracking information when applicable.

If you require fulfillment, Formats will manufacture stock your product, on receipt of an order will pull the necessary items and ship your order. Depending on the method of shipping, tracking information will be recorded. Min /Max quantities will be maintained to ensure product is ready for shipment.